Port Theatre Nanaimo BC

Recently, thanks to CHEK TV, we had the opportunity to travel to Nanaimo for Guitar Summit appearing at The Port Theatre.

The concert was phenomenal, combining the talents of the Montréal Guitar Trio and the California Guitar Trio in a magical evening that ranged from re-worked scores of spaghetti westerns, to Pink Floyd’s Echoes, original compositions evoking the northern reaches of the artic, and rollicking tunes replete with Québecois influences.

It was, however, the theatre itself that captured some of my attention. Built in 1998, the Port Theatre is an intimate 800 seat venue with near perfect sight lines and excellent acoustics. Concerts range from family friendly fare to modern dance, jazz standards, comedians and more. Tickets are very reasonably priced, and members benefit from significant discounts and a Spotlight series that allows them to purchase 4 tickets for $100.

We are fortunate in Victoria to have a wide range of theatre and performance options open to us. If, by chance, you find yourself venturing up Island for a get- away, I would highly recommend visiting the Port Theatre’s website, and adding some live performance to your get-away schedule. You won’t be disappointed.

Of note is the Port Theatre Society’s “Theatre Angels” program that will “distribute over 4,000 complimentary tickets, through over fifty social service agencies, to local people on limited incomes, offering access to a wide variety of performances for children and adults alike”.


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