Hermannator Launch at Vancouver Island Brewery Nov 1 2010

For the uninitiated, Hermannator is a holiday specialty – an ice bock that ” takes over 3 months to brew and mature from start to finish. Because the brewing process is so intensive and complex, there are few beers like it in Canada”, states Brewmaster Ralf Pittroff. At 9.5% alcohol, it is a heady, complex brew.

Hermannator is crafted in small batches, and released in limited quantities. Chocolate and caramel malts are used in the brewing process to creat a dark chestnut coloured beer with a full body and rich malt flavour.  Rob Ringma, Sales and Marketing Manager, and Jeff Kendrew, Territory Manager/Marketing Coordinator paired it with small dark chocolate truffles and chocolate covered almonds for the tasting in the brewery tap room.

Members of the local CAMRA chapter mingled with media from the Q! and CHEK TV. It was a pleasure to connect and reconnect with other beer enthusiasts, and compare notes.

Earlier in 2010 the brewing team from VIB held back a few cases of the brew and submitted it to the 2010 World Championships in Chicago. Hermannator received a Gold Medal.

Congratulations to the team at Vancouver Island Brewery for their world class recognition, and for crafting local, all natural beers for us to enjoy year round.

Hermannator is available now. Don’t tarry – it sells out quickly.


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