International Free Hugs Day July 3 2010 Victoria BC

It all started on Twitter, doesn’t it always? Alex Yates @Lunacee tweeted about International Free Hugs Day, and before you could blink we had a Facebook event and people committed to attending in front of the Visitors Information Bureau on the Inner Harbour, Saturday July 3rd 2010.

International Free Hugs Day was the inspiration of Juan Mann (a pseudonym) an Australian, in 2004. The hugs were intended to be random acts of kindess. The day was made popular by a Sick Puppies music video.

At the appointed time, we arrived – most learned about the event via Twitter, but Karen and Carol heard through the grapevine. We spent two hours greeting visitors to the city with hugs. It’s interesting to see who wants to receive a hug, who backs off. In the end we all agreed that we will definitely be there for International Free Hugs Day 2011, perhaps in a spot with more locals.

Thanks to Alex, Janice, Rebecca, Karen, Carol, Kieron.


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6 Responses to “International Free Hugs Day July 3 2010 Victoria BC”

  1. Regina Says:

    Is there a plan for 2011? (NY in particular?)

  2. designingrenee Says:

    I know I’m commenting way too late—I was just reading back on your blog, and saw this. It reminds me the Hugger Busker at Place Jacques Cartier! I got some amazing hugs from him. Very powerful. If it’s happening in Victoria I want to be there, that’s for sure!

  3. Eleanor Jodway Says:

    This is extremely Cool Janis!! #EllieLovesFreeHugs! LOL What a Wonderfully, inspired idea! I think the Worl needs more #FreeHugs! :)))) {{{{{{{{{{HUGS}}}}}}}}}}

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